Top 8 Best Surf Fishing Rigs

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Hey! You might plan to go for surf fishing. But it’s important to discover the best rigs to say goodbye to failure!, and yes you have landed in the right place.

As your angling mentor I would say read this completely and be prepared as here I come up with the Top 10 best surf fishing rigs, each one has its own beauty.

These are designed to target specific fish species and adapt to different conditions. Get ready for shore fishing rigs :

Carolina Rig

Carolina rig is one of the most favorite rigs for surf fishing not only for me but it’s a popular choice for all the surf anglers. Due to its design it’s ideal for targeting those areas where fish may be lurking. Here you can read why I added this in the Top 10 best surf fishing rigs.

Where and When to Use the Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig is better for open water and sandy beaches. It is best simple and strong surf fishing rigs in areas like rocks and reefs. I will recommend you to rund about 2.5 feet for your leader but the normal is 1.5 and 3 feet.

What types of fish you can target with the Carolina Rig?

So we are likely using it on open water and beaches. But the types of surf fish species to target will be depend on your area.
Just think the types of fish species near to button or in the buttom, Example : for enticing bottom-dwelling fish like flounder or triggering strikes from cruising redfish.

Necessary Tackle for Carolina Surf Fishing Rig:

Sinker : Choose a half-ounce sinker for this demonstration.
Weight : 1-oz egg weight
Optional Red bead : Not essential for saltwater fishing, but added for authenticity.
Swivel : Opt for a sturdy number seven swivel.
Hook : A 1/0 hook will suffice.
Leader Line : 15-pound fluorocarbon

How to tie? Step-by-Step Guide: Watch Video


Fish Finder Rig

Fish finder rig is also a one of the favorite sur fishing rigs among all the anglers, it’s similar to Carolina rig in anatomy. It’s effective for various conditions, primarily designed to allow the bait to move more naturally with the water current. Overall Fish finder rig is an Excellent rigs – Explore in more sections here.


Where and When to Use the Fish Finder Rig

As I said before it’s similar to carolina rig so you can use fish finder rig too where you use carolina rig in open water sandy beaches etc. but the question is now which to use? 

You can use a fish finder rig in a strong current and rough surface where fish tend to congregate. It is good in areas with sandy or muddy bottoms where bottom-dwelling fish are found.


What Types of Fish with the Fish Finder Rig?

With the Fish finder rig you can target many tips of fish species which include Striped bass, red fish which are found in coastal waters, flounder fish etc.


How to tie Fish finder surf fishing Rig Watch Video

Necessary Tackle for this Surf Fishing Rig

Sinker Slide Clip
Bead: craft beads or fishing beads
Leader Line

How to tie Fish Finder Rig Watch Video

The Drop Shot Rig

The Drop Shot Rig, often associated with freshwater finesse fishing, is an effective surf fishing rig due to its adaptability in enticing fish in many conditions. It’s a finesse rig, and has a  different presentation in comparison to other rigs (traditional). So I can say it is for finicky or suspended fish.

Where and When to Use the Drop Shot Rig for Surf Fishing

Drop shot rig most;ly used in a bay and surf alike. Anyways this rig should be used in specific scenarios:

Subdued Waters: It’s good in a caIm or lightly disturbed waters
Challenging conditions : In active days, high pressure, or when fish are hesitant to bite 

What Types of Fish with the Drop Shot Rig?

Various types like perch (Which are near the shoreline), bass, panfish should be your main target by using this rig. If you are presenting your bait a little above the bottom then drop shot rig is great option. In short halibut and all other species that are near to bottom section of water.

How to tie The Drop Shot Rig Watch Video

Necessary Tackle for this Surf Fishing Rig


Leader line



Dropper Loop Rig

The Drop loop rig is very simple and one of the best rigs for surf fishing. It is a good option for fishing close to bottom and a great option if you are fishing vertically down the water column.

Where and When to Use the Dropper Loop Rig

Drop loop rig is perfect for specific surf fishing:

Bottom feeding: if your target are bottom feeders fish like flounders etc

Low current : Drop loop rig works well in area where water current is Low


What Types of Fish with the Dropper Loop Rig?

There are a variety of species like Flounders, Rockfish, Red fish etc which are near to the bottom waiting for an easy meal, Typically in and around the rocks and reef.

Necessary Tackle for this Surf Fishing Rig


Leader line



How to tie Dropper Loop Rig Watch Video

High Low Rig

Sure, the High Low Rig is like a fishing trick that helps catch more fish when you’re fishing from the shore. 

High Low rig is best because it lets you use two hooks at the same time, like having two chances to catch a fish instead of just one.

 You can put different baits on each hook and see which one the fish likes more. It’s like giving them two options for their dinner!

 In short High Low rig is a smart rig to improve your chances of catching fish when you’re fishing from the beach.

Where and When to Use the High Low Rig

When the Water’s Different Depths: Imagine the water at the beach isn’t all the same depth. Some parts are shallow, and some are deeper. High Low rig is great because it lets you put two hooks at different levels in the water. So, if fish are swimming at different depths, you’ve got a better chance to catch them.

When Fish is Hungry: Sometimes, fish get hungry and start eating a lot. it gives them two yummy options to choose from. It’s like saying, “Hey fish, here are two snacks for you!” That makes it more likely they’ll bite and you’ll catch them.

What Types of Fish with the High Low Rig?

Little Fish: Some small fish, like perch or other tiny ones, really like this setup. They see the two baits and think, “Wow, two snacks to choose from!” and they swim over to take a bite.

Big Hungry Fish: There are big fish, like groupers, that hang out in different parts of the water. Just Imagine They see your two baits and think, “Hmm, which one should I eat?” This setup is great because it gives a choice to these big fish, making them more likely to go for the bait.

Picky Eaters: Some fish, like snappers, can be choosy about what they eat. But with this setup, they see different kinds of bait, which makes them curious and more likely to take a bite. It’s like offering them a menu of options for their meal!

How to tie High Low Rig Watch Video

Necessary Tackle for this Surf Fishing Rig

Leader line

Spider Hitch Rig

The Spider Hitch Rig is for anglers who fish at the beach. It’s simple but really useful for putting bait on your fishing line in a good way to catch fish. It helps you show the fish your bait so they’ll want to take a bite.

Where and When to Use the Spider Hitch Rig

Fishing in Deep Water: When you’re fishing in really deep water, where fish can be swimming at different levels, Spider Hitch Rig is like your best friend. It helps you put your bait where the fish are, no matter if they’re up high or down low.

Dealing with Strong Water Flow: In places where the water is moving fast, Spider Hitch Rig is great because it keeps your bait steady. It’s like holding up a sign that says, “Hey fish, come and get it!” even when the water is rushing by.

What Types of Fish with the Spider Hitch Rig?

ish at the Bottom: Some fish, like flounder or certain snappers, like the way the bait stays put with this rig. It’s like a yummy snack that they can see and easily grab.

Fish in the Middle: Other fish, like mackerel or bluefish, are attracted to how the rig keeps the bait looking tasty at different levels in the water. It’s like saying, “Hey, check out this delicious treat!” and they swim over to take a look.

Necessary Tackle for this Surf Fishing Rig

Leader line

How to tie Spider Hitch Rig Watch Video

Fireball Rig

The Whole Mullet Rig is like a top pick for people who fish at the beach and want to catch fish that attack from behind, especially the ones that like to go after the tail of their prey.

Where and When to Use the Whole Mullet Rig

Where Predatory Fish Hang Out: If you’re fishing in places where there are fish that love to eat other fish, like bluefish, this tool is perfect. It shows them a whole mullet, and they think it’s a yummy meal, so they swim over to check it out.

Out in the Open Water or Near the Coast: It’s great when you’re fishing in wide-open water or close to the edges of the coast. The Whole Mullet Rig is like a magnet for those big fish that like to hunt around those areas. They see the whole mullet and think it’s a tasty snack, so they come closer to take a look.

What Types of Fish with the Whole Mullet Rig?

Bluefish: Bluefish really like how the whole mullet looks and smells.

Striped Bass: The rig can get the attention of striped bass, Mostly in places where they’re chasing after big baitfish. They think it’s a big, tasty treat, so they might swim closer to take a bite.

Necessary Tackle for this Surf Fishing Rig

Strong Line

Circle Hooks



How to tie Fireball Rig  Watch Video

In-line Snapper Rig

The In-line Snapper Rig is an Amazing rig. Let me tell you in the below sections about how to use this In-line Snapper Rig for fishing trips at the beach.

Where and When to Use the In-line Snapper Rig

This special rig is perfect for places where you know there are lots of snappers, especially when they’re not feeling too hungry or are being careful. It’s also great when you’re trying to catch snappers swimming a bit lower in the water because it helps them see the bait better and makes it look really tasty for them to grab.

What Types of Fish with the In-line Snapper Rig?

This fishing rig is made just for catching snappers. It’s great because it tricks the snappers into feeling safe, which makes them more likely to take the bait and get caught on the hook.

Necessary Tackle for this Surf Fishing Rig

Leader Line
Circle Hooks

How to tie In-line Snapper Rig Watch Video


In beach fishing, using the right setup is super important. These top 8 rigs all have different ways to catch the fish you want. Like the Carolina Rig can do lots of things, and the High Low Rig needs more skill. They work for different situations and how fish act. To do well, learn about the fish you want to catch, pick the right setup, and be ready for changes. Try these rigs, practice how you use them, and have fun catching your favorite fish in the waves. Happy fishing!

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